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Build up your green convention areas and tackle the questions of future energy and food supplies with new and inovative ideas.

Start with a small exhibition hall and work hard to make your convention grow and become a beacon of futureproof concepts.

Expand the convention with new halls, increase your idle money, upgrade and unlock the food areas and expand your money vault to store your earnings.

Keep your visitors happy with delicious green and sustainable food from various food trucks within the conventions food plaza. Offer pankakes, smoothies, bbq and more to provide your visitors with enough energy to enjoy the day at the convention to it’s fullest.

  • Easy to play game for all players.
  • Make important decisions as a tycoon manager in this idle simulator.
  • Many different games and upgrade levels to choose from.
  • Make important management decisions to expand your exhibition incrementally in short taps.
  • Be the executive boss and make the important decisions in the market.
  • Play offline anywhere, anytime. No internet connection needed.