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Ever wondered where all the loot gathered of your pilots goes? Idle Space Manager is the heart of trade in the Idle Space galaxy. Bounty hunters from all over the dimensions are waiting to sell their loot in the big market towers of this world. Manage your towers and grow them as big as you can. Hire crew members and optimize your work flow to earn loads of credits, even when you’re offline. 

  • MANAGE a fleet of spaceships and their hangars to earn idle cash.
  • UPGRADE the hangars of your incremental tower and boost their income.
  • PILOTS will launch your ships, even when you are offline from the game.
  • INVEST your idle cash to become the richest tycoon and boost your income.
  • RESEARCH cool new spaceships and manage them, and their crews.
  • PLAY OFFLINE anywhere, anytime. No internet connection needed.
  • EXPAND your tower and build your way into space.