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Start with a small hill and work hard to make your mountain business grow and become a capitalist tycoon. Add new attractions to create an exciting experience where camping tourists can take pictures with the wishing well, the pyramids, or the northern lights.

You have to run your cafés and restaurants wisely to earn enough cash. Expand the hiking trail with new buildings, increase your idle cash, unlock and upgrade all attractions and consider expanding your millionaire empire all over the world by buying, building, and upgrading your establishments.

As an owner, the strategy you use in the business world is very important. You will have to know how to manage your finances in order to maximize your cash quickly to grow and become the best business manager simulator. Take advantage of your idle activity and reinvest your earnings to get an incremental profit and reach the top with your Hiking Corp.!

  • Easy to play the game for all players!
  • Unlock numerous different attractions and upgrade their levels!
  • No Internet connection is required. Play offline anywhere, anytime, and get idle profits!
  • In just a single tap, you can make important decisions as a tycoon manager in this clicker simulator.
  • Be the biggest hiking tycoon in the world and become rich by creating the most interesting attractions known to man.
  • It’s free and fun!