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Start exploring a small dungeon and fight your way through the dangerous levels to get even better loot. Summon brave heroes to fight for you and level them up to deal with the stronger becoming monsters.

Use summoning scrolls to unlock rare heroes through the summoning portal and gather experience points to upgrade their levels. Try to unlock the legendary heroes of Idle Dungeon Manager to unleash your full potential. Collect different classes like warriors, archers, mages, and many more.

No battle is like the other. Try to find the best strategy and hero composition for every one of them. Analyze the weaknesses of the monsters and choose the right classes and positioning of your heroes.

Monsters continuously attack the nearby villages. Besides exploring new dungeons you also have to protect them. Test your skills in the village siege mode and earn experience points needed to level up your heroes.

Invest your money and idle income to upgrade your dungeons. Decide wisely in which hero to invest your experience points and rare valor to become stronger. Fuse duplicate hero cards to make them even more powerful.

  • Easy to play the game for all players
  • Combat evil monsters and adjust your strategy according to the battle
  • Unlock numerous different heroes and upgrade levels
  • No Internet connection is required. Play offline anywhere, anytime, and get idle profits!
  • In just a single tap, you can make important decisions as a tycoon manager in this clicker simulator.
  • Be the biggest dungeon tycoon in the world and become rich by looting the hidden treasures of the monsters.
  • It’s free and fun